Announcing an exciting choral series: The Czech Song Series by Petr Eben, edited by Ed O'Connor

Three Czech Songs, by Petr Eben

World Music Press will be publishing a series of songs for children's and community choirs by beloved Czech composer, Petr Eben, the most celebrated living composer of the Czech Republic. The Czech people have a warm place in their hearts for award-winning composer Petr Eben. Children learn about his music early in their schooling since he was a major contributor to the Czech elementary music series. Many of his compositions for orchestra, organ and ballet are regularly performed throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. But he clearly has a special place in his heart for the wonderful children's choirs of the Czech Republic, and he has composed more than fifty songs for them. The Czech Song Series by Petr Eben will be edited for World Music Press by Ed O'Connor, and will include cultural background information, performance notes, pronunciation, literal and singable translations and a note by Petr Eben about each song.

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Sníh - "Snow"

Treble Unison Voices/Piano; Moderato dolce

"Who lost the white feathers? Who spilled them at our doorstep? Geese did not do it, nor doves... up on the roof the rooster was watching... 'Snow,' he said, 'it's snowing!'"

Písnicka O Vrabci - "Song About A Sparrow"

Treble Unison Voices/Piano; Andante tranquillo

"A sparrow sleeps behind the chimney, silently dozing there... put another log on the fire, let us keep the sparrow warm. Snow has covered all of our roofs... and fell on the little bird. He crouched by the chimney, snuggled up against the chimney, warming up its little wings. When he wakes up we will give him bread crumbs with caraway seeds."

The two above are also be available together as:

Two Winter Songs - Sníh and Písnicka O Vrabci (set)

Kdyby Tu Nic Nebylo - "If There Were Nothing Else"

SSA/Piano; Andantino con calore

"Were there nothing but a bird, singing in the blue sky, a thistle with a bumble bee, still I would enjoy this world. If a brook's sweet gentle sound, were the only thing I heard, and there were no other sound, still I would enjoy this world. Were there nothing all around but meadow after meadow, and the sun was shining down, still I would enjoy this world."